To be self-employed, a remote worker, entrepreneur and/or part of a startup can include certain advantages. However, social isolation, an overlapping professional and personal life, motivational shortages, and fewer networking opportunities are most often problematic and an important source of stress.

Our mission is to increase accessibility to a network of friendly, inspiring and flexible workspace environments that help foster our member’s individual and collective success within a synergetic business community.

Our vision is to create an integrated network of coworking communities across Canada that will give our members access to a wide range of inspiring flexible office space environments at convenient cost structures by teaming up with commercial landlords under a franchise based business model.

The IDEAL Solution helps you:

• Break social isolation

• Receive clients in an inspiring and professional environment

• Hold meetings, conferences and networking events

• Host workshops and promotional events

• Make contacts and grow your professional network

• Have access to affordable and flexible office space solutions

• Collaborate and share valuable resources with other like-minded professionals


Founded in 2008…

In 2008, Charles started working as a self-employed freelancer and quickly realized how hard it was to stay motivated and inspired working from home, alone. So he set out to sublet a portion of a friend’s commercial loft in which he would share amenities and other advantages. In 2009, the other company moved over seas and offered Charles to take over the lease which he accepted without hesitation and immediately posted adds online to find some commercial room mates to share the space with.. and that’s how it all started.

The few first members quickly enjoyed being part of a small professional community and the IDEAL Coworking brand and business was born. Throughout the years, several improvements were made to the space and organisation according to member feedback. Closed offices were built, fully equipped kitchen, meeting rooms, telephone booths, etc.

Since then, the number of self-employed freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs and startups has multiplied significantly and the market demand for coworking spaces is ever growing. Il 2017, Charles decided to take on a second lease in the same building and rent out a second loft with double the size as the original space in order to respond to the increasing demand for offices and workstations.

In early 2019, Charles met Hugo Jubinville who was planning to open his own coworking space in Sherbrooke, Québec. They quickly hit it off and decided to join forces. IDEAL Coworking – Sherbrooke is now officially the first franchise to join the ranks of the ambitious venture.

For more information on how to become an official IDEAL Coworking associate and franchisee, please contact us at


Charles Landriault

In 2005, Charles graduated from graphic design school. After 3 years working for an agency as a designer, he started freelancing and quickly realized that working from home was far from the ideal situation.

His go-getter attitude led him to create a custom solution to his professional needs. Charles founded his first coworking space in 2008 where over twenty members would share a professional environment in a common loft space.

The establishment then found its vocation: to help independent workers, startups and small businesses out of isolation and create a tightly nit community suitable for the professional development of all.

Since its initial opening, the Saint-Henri (Montreal) location has tripled in size and now caters to over 60 active members.

Passionate about travel, outdoor adventures, sports and music, this is how he spends most of his free time and finds inspiration for his diverse projects for expansion, services and products complementary to his visions of an ideal future for everyone.


Marina Bardy

Après avoir obtenu un baccalauréat en sociologie de l’Université de Montréal, Marina bâti son expérience dans le monde administratif en touchant aux domaines des ressources humaines, du marketing, et de la publication. Elle gère les réseaux sociaux d’Ideal Coworking, les événements et l’administration.

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